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I am going to stray away from my photo adventures this week completely. I am 21 and I really walked around Seattle the other day to look at how fit people are. So I thought I would write something about how you can eat healthy and specifically gluten free food.

Way before fancy flavors of cereal hit the supermarket shelves it was oatmeal cans and boxes that rocked the supermarket floors. Every single child has indulged in bowls and bowls full of oat meal and this ritual has even extended to those who suffer with celiac disease. That is why; we find gluten free oats widely available in the market today.
Despite the recent scientific studies that concluded stating that oats are safe for most celiac, those who are sceptical about the validity of this claim can still enjoy their good old meal of oat with gluten free oats. If you are ready to give it a try with usual oatmeals, just for the sake of argument of checking whether the hypothesis is true by you, experts’ advice that you consume only half to three quarter of a cup of oats, every day. But for children, you may not want to serve more than one quarter of a cup per day.
Most people wonder the meaning of the term gluten free oats. What this simply means is that the FDA regulations to attach gluten free labels to products that contain less than 20ppm of gluten. So when you come across a gluten free oats packet, it simply means that the gluten content in it is minimal; not absent altogether. There are reports where consumers have reacted even for that little amount of gluten. These are the extreme cases of celiac disease. However, it is also known that when consuming gluten free oats, people may still experience oat peptides and complications related to celiac, but they either go unnoticed, or become misdiagnosed to some other condition or most of the time, goes without being diagnosed. The main issue with celiac complications is that it is difficult to pin down the root cause. Therefore, even clinicians will be at amiss in explaining the nitty gritty details of how gluten free oats may or may not affect your health.
The best thing you could do about your diet is to have an open mind and be up to date with news. The medical industry and scientific breakthroughs are fragile and ever so changing. So you may just learn during the next half an hour or so that consuming gluten free products do not do any good to you. But until you get your hands on such news, I suppose you will have no choice but to follow those fancy worded advices: “stay healthy: eat gluten free oats, only!” There are benefits that I myself have seen. So make sure you join the healthy party. Next week I will be back talking about the love of my life that is photography.

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