Different Types of Hair Extensions

With all the different types of hair extensions on the market one can easily get confused. But with that huge variety it gives people the exciting opportunity to choose and try out different styles. You generally get synthetic hair and then you get human hair. With synthetic hair extensions, it is mostly silicon coated and this is how the synthetic hair gets is glorious glossy ombre hair extensions shine. The downside of synthetic hair is that it generally does not last very long unlike human hair. And with human hair you are able to use heat, tints, as well as hair-styling agents and it won’t damage the hair. But those mentioned cannot be used on synthetic hair.

The cost of synthetic hair is much cheaper than that of human hair with that being said, let me elaborate more on the different types of hair extensions that’s trending on the market currently.


The name is self-explanatory as this type of hair extensions is looped around the people’s natural hair.


This type of extension is applied by using a needle and cotton and the hair extensions are sewn to the person’s natural hair.


Tape hair extensions are very similar to that of permanent hair, but the one upside of this type of extension is that it is very easy to attach you a person’s natural hair. It generally will last for up to 12 weeks if maintained correctly.


A very popular hair extension because when applied it blends into your hair making it hard for anyone to notice that it is an extension. But this type of extension is very harmful to one’s natural hair has the adhesives used to glue extensions actually damages a person’s natural hair.



With this particular type of extension glue is used to bond extensions to natural hair but it does not last for long periods on the natural hair.


Here the extension is generally braided to the natural hair, and you start from the bottom of hair and it is sewn horizontally. This type of extension only last for up to 3 months if proper care is taken of the extensions. With tracking, one’s natural hair becomes tangled if left too long in hair.

Hair extensions are trending fast all thanks to the beautiful celebrities and their red-carpet appearances all posing with their stunning hair-do’s. So much to choose from, ponytails, curls, braids or just leaving it free and flowy with these extensions and the styles are endless. Which makes these hair extensions super fun and they make Anyone feel glamorous and beautiful.

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