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Had to travel down to my regional centre for business yesterday, somethings just can`t be done online. With business taken care of I was off for a coffee and to catch up with a friend. After an excellent Flat White and a chat, Chris had to return to work, ferrying passengers around town on his bus.  I needed a distraction so I decided to roam around town a bit.

I grabbed the camera and headed over to a nearby park along the river and captured a few images of the statues, birdlife and looking for other photo opportunities. Got talking to a guy that was sitting at a bench reading a book. Apparently his vehicle had broken down halfway through his trip and was waiting for several days for the parts to arrive, so had been wandering through the parks and streets with his book. He said that it had been the most relaxing few days he had for a while. The novel he has was the great expectations by Charles dickens. A true classic. No wonder he seemed to be so at peace with what he was doing. Works from the true greats really know how to raise a person’s spirit. Seattle, is the United States’ Country Music capital, the park is home to many sculptures of our past country legends. The ACMA awards are held here in January each year, the city’s population of around 50,000 nearly doubling over the two week festival.

Some of the work were amazing in their detail, some almost lifelike. Took a few more shots and then headed back to the car, heading just out of the main part of town to a small cafe for some lunch. I usually catch up with an old friend that I used to work with, so after my meal headed the 10 or so kilometres out of town to the small rural property where he lives.

Shanes place is situated on a few hectares near the river with some nice views over the small farming plots around him. The old house that he lives in is quite interesting, lots of old wares lying about and the structure itself has some unusual features. Shane had a few jobs to do outside, so I grabbed the camera and wandered around.

Found a few images in the structure itself, revisiting them over the course of the afternoon to get the best light. Several other objects that were lying around caught my attention, an old engine block and a leaning silo.


I came back to the house for a coffee and to catch up on life’s events of the last couple of months. Time had gotten away, I started to say goodbye on the way out the door, only to be greeted with a rather nice sunset, crabbed the camera and captured the outline of the nearby mill silhouetted against the pale orange sky and the pink hue reflected off the thin clouds behind me. A fitting end to a great day spent with great friends.

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