Clothing Portrait Photography

If you are a photography enthusiast, one of the first things you wanted to learn is how to take a good portrait and before shooting for online catalogues. Well, let’s face it. It is one of the best forms of photography up to these days. Photography and videography can be a good source of cash. If you wanted to take pictures, you must learn from it. And each and every day, there are challenges that you will face when it comes to photography.


My friend Lina is a pretty good fashion blogger. She had bought some items from this neat little store called She came over and we decided to photograph her in the clothes on the beach. She bought this neat little maxi dress and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Instead of talking about how I do things, I thought I would give you all some tips as to how to tackle these kind of photo shoots since they can become quite important.

So if you want to create stunning photos, make sure to have a creative mind. If you are just a guy experimenting with photography and what best suits you, you must consider portrait photography. Also, you have to know how to take portraits that will stand out. Let’s get this straight. There is no absolute rule in photography. As long as you’re happy with your shots, stick with it. But it pays to check the basics. It doesn’t mean that you must not learn the photography fundamentals. For example, you don’t have to forever shoot in Auto mode. Learn the exposure triangle, as this can help you gain more control of your pictures.

Using the Nikon 35mm f1.8G and the Nikon 50mm f1.8G is ideal. The reason why you have to pick these two is that they are not expensive. They are within the budget range. Plus, they are two of the most affordable lenses used for portraiture. If you can’t afford to buy both, you can choose either one. But in my opinion, the 50mm has the slight advantage. The 35mm produces good quality images, but the photos are way distorted straight out of the camera. On the other hand, the 50mm has little to no distortion on the sides of the images. Both lenses also have vignetting. These problems can easily corrected through Lightroom.

However, both these lenses are prime lenses, which means you cannot zoom them. Instead of zooming the lens to get to your subject and frame accordingly, you are the one to get closer or farther from your subject. The best beach videographer should also know this. With a fixed aperture of 1.8, more light will come to the lens. That being said, you can get more background blur, or in photography, a good “bokeh”. When it comes to bokeh, I recommend 50mm because it offers a tad creamy background, and it helps your beach shots be better.

 Focus on the eyes of the subject – Of course, portraits will be at their best if the eyes are in focus. This rule has become a part of the lives of photographers. If you did not get a crisp shot of the eyes, then there’s no point that the image you took was good! The beach dresses will stand out if you manage to focus on the eyes.

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