Biltong Makers, The New Trend

Mildly spiced and salted delicious air dried meat and, a favourite snack of many South Africans. This delicious dried meat, preserved with various spices makes it so scrumptious and can be eaten anywhere and anytime.
Everyone seems to always have their very own opinion when it comes to making biltong. The biltong we consume today is actually from primitive times but with additional contemporary twists.

There are commonly two types of biltong Beef and Game biltong and both are extremely scrumptious. But as time seem to pass people love to experiment so they decided why not try other meats, so with that came along lamb, pork, and poultry biltong. All equally delicious. But despite it all beef biltong still remains the number one biltong.

Most people love the taste and smell of dried biltong but find it rather expensive so the solution is try making biltong on your own and its super simple. Get yourself a biltong maker.

Biltong Making Process

The process of making biltong is very easy, and if you make it on your own it will not only be worthwhile but also will end up saving you heaps of money.
So, if you really want to venture forth and make your very own biltong I suggest you get your very own biltong maker.

Generally, a biltong maker takes about 3 – 5 KGs of wet meat, it functions on the primary concept of air flow and heat that is produced by light.

It’s so simple to operate, all you need to do is cut the meat you require and infuse it with your very own special flavours. Then hang the meat on the hooks provided and then switch the machine on and in a few of days you have you very own delicious biltong.

Most biltong makers come with:

Hanging rods for drywors and biltong
Shelves for either drying fruit or vegetables
Light Fittings

The recipes have been passed from generation to generation and making your very own biltong may seem difficult but the principals are the same so that’s what makes it easy no matter what spice you decide to use. A little help from me no-matter what spice you use the key ingredients in my opinion is good quality beef with that you won’t go wrong, some rock salt some ground coriander, some apple cider vinegar and coarse black pepper.

The Recipe is Key

Remember if you are making biltong for the very first time always try and follow a good recipe, as you definitely don’t want anything to go wrong with your meat.
Make sure that when operating such machines and especially when working with food the area that you are working in must be very hygienic.

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