9 Secrets Revealed from My iTunes Most Played Lists

Relaxation is key for me. The first 4 on my most played list are sounds of thunderstorms and relaxation stuff. In my most played list’s defence I listen to these on repeat as I fall asleep. I’m a huge Beatles fan. For anyone who knows me fairly well this is no secret. To clarify, The Beatles after they started doing drugs. 21 year odl university girls around here usually end up listening to hours of Tylor Swift and bands like the weekend. I am weird that way. I like a variety of different music. The taste I agree do tends to vary but it would be great if people just let themselves loose and enjoy whatever comes to them naturally.

I secretly love gospel bluegrass music. Not so much of  a secret, but I guess I don’t go announcing it either. I made a bunch of Cd’s for members at my old church of this gospel bluegrass group: Born Again Singers. They are incredibly talented, but you’d never find them online. I’ve tried. There is a man and woman couple on YouTube going by that name…. not them. I love the oldies. Most of the music in my iTunes library predates me. I’m a fan of music when it was rawer, more natural, had more feeling. At least that’s my opinion. Today’s music, with the exception of a few, feels like it’s missing something.

I interpret music to fit whatever’s happening in my life. But don’t we all. I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. Johnny Cash, can’t mess with it. I’ve always been a Cash fan ever since I can remember anyway. I guess some things never change. I like to clean to music that makes me borderline murderous. When I’m cleaning it seems I’m mostly listening to Pantera, Metallica, or System of a Down. I think I have my smooth laid back moments to with some smooth groove hip-hop, not rap.

I sometimes exercise to an all 80′s playlist. Most of the time I’ll use Pandora for this, but I do have a pretty awesome collection in my iTunes library. Most of the music makes me smile or laugh and that helps keep me motivated while exercising. I also sometimes listen to stand-up comedy while working out. Weird? I’ve made a huge change in the style of music I listen to. I no longer listen to depressing music. Too much music is about heartbreak and loss. I used to listen to this stuff all the time and my world has been full of heartbreak and loss. I’m not saying I no longer have heartbreak and aches, but I do feel a little better and seem happier. So anyway, I choose happy music! “Here’s a little song I wrote you might wanna sing it note for note”…So there’s my list. Check out your own playlists and see what they reveal about you. Whatever the songs are, if you enjoy it that’s all that matters. Always remember.

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